Friday, January 25, 2013

Chapter 7 Teaser: Angela

After their schoolgirl giggles quieted, Angela and Bella were forced to face the reality of letting go. And underneath that special blanket, Bella took Angela's hand in her own and sighed deeply.

"Confession time?" Bella asked

"Confession time," Angela replied

Angela's eyes began to water as Bella's face changed from the strong and confident one she wore to ease the pain of others to one she barely recognized.

"I'm scared, Angie. I'm so scared," she whispered through tears.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Chapter 5 Teaser: Emmett

The day of Emmett and Rosalie’s wedding, he pulled his new in-laws aside. His hand shook as he reached into his pocket and placed a set of keys in Bella’s hand.

“You invited me into your home and family with more love than any one person deserves. I love you both.”

The keys were for a brand new house in one of the nicest neighborhoods in Seattle.

Emmett’s world came crashing down during that family meeting a year ago. He couldn’t believe that his mom - the woman who welcomed him into her family, loved him for who he was without question, and was proud of everything he did – was dying. Emmett had to leave the table before the pain in his chest erupted.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Chapter 4 Teaser: Rosalie

Bella smiled and nodded, but Rosalie’s refusal to even look at her was breaking her heart. All she wanted to do was to tell her daughter that she loved her, maybe hold her. And that would’ve been possible a month ago – before the DNR.

Rosalie’s leg began to bounce, and her lower lip began to tremble. She quickly brushed some tears aside as she continued to look away.

“Rosalie, please,” Bella whispered.

“I’m sorry, mom. I can’t do this.”